How can I edit this menu tag (pic inside)?


I would like to have a true fully control of all possible tags . I came upon this windows (info tags), so is there a way to edit them ? Even if I had to edit any file within ROON I would like to have the possibility to change any of these fields:

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Vasco Vaz

I don’t think that there is a way to edit these tags at present. You can only edit the fields that are available when you click on the “pen” icon for an album. However, I believe that fuller metadata editing will be a feature of a future Roon release. Maybe the devs can comment further.

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These are the tags of your files. Use a tag editor to modify them. Roon is just displaying what you have.

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No. Not editable. But thank you very much for showing me that this information is accessible. I was wanting to know what file tags Roon was reading from my files, and this gives me the answer.