How can I exactly move my music information to a different drive?

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Windows 10 / Latest Roon Running

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SATA Internal Harddrive

Description Of Issue


Currently, I have installed the Roon Core and store all music in my C drive.

I plan to move music to D drive. I search how-to steps, and find the following.

My questions is, when do I load my backup file to restore music data exactly as it was?

I want to ensure I can keep all edited information when I move music to a new drive.

So far, here’s what I think - please point me out if I need to do differently.

  1. Make sure Roon runs the latest version, create the backup file.
  2. Disable the old Music storage location (in my case C: drive location), then quit the app.
  3. Move Music files to new location (D: drive location)
  4. Start Roon app, then designate the new storage location (D: drive)
    → Here’s the question.
  5. Should I load a backup file at this step to restore all edited information?

I think that If I didn’t load backup file, edited music information from C: drive might be lost or messed up when Roon is organizing the new storage location automatically in the step 4.
(Such as album images, customized album split, merge etc)

Can I load a backup file when Roon is doing auto organizing to override auto organizing?
Or should I do differently? (such as, start from backup file like moving the core? And not allowing Roon to do any automatic organizing at all?)

Thank you.

How many albums ?
How many were not Roon ID’ed ?

A clean start may be worth it if the answer is small then large , but not if the other way around. You have an opportunity for a clean up if you need it

As far as I know Roon will start all over again but I would wait for someone who has done it to answer

A few thousand albums.
I listen to Classical music mostly, and Roon gave me a real pain by messing up ID albums.
(Especially box-sets, and Europe/Japan exclusive albums.)

A clean start is NO. I spent many hours correcting albums. I do not want to do it again.

Enough said. Sounds painful :innocent: