How can I fix Added Date issue?

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Following a change in my hard drive, the album list of my roon account, including those that are from Qobuz, has been sorted in a hazardous way; the order has completely changed, and according to the database, I would have added some album in 2015, but I only bought my subscription a year ago!
I unfortunately lost my last save; is there a way to recover the original order of the album added to my library? Does Roon offer to save the structure of the database on its server, rather than on my hard drive?
Thank you

Hi @Diego_Sanchez,

Can you go to Settings > Library > Import Settings and share a screenshot of the Track Import Dates settings?

That setting is likely on “file creation time." Try changing it to “Roon import timestamp” and seeing if the order resorts.

Worst case, you may need to rescan some of these albums if they were originally imported with “File Creation Time.”

Unfortunately not, given the user volume and massive average database size. However, we can very likely resolve the timestamp issue you’ve encountered and recover the original album sort order without venturing into the realm of Backups.

I know you’ve endured an extreme wait time for a staff response, so we will be highly attentive to your response. Thank you!

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