How can I get off the early access builds and back to normal releases?

How can I get off the early access builds and back to normal releases? I know I still get the normal updates, but the versions don’t match up with the release notes.

That link doesn’t help anything, no answer to my question there. All those threads are locked also so I cannot post over there.

That’s right. I thought you were looking for the release notes. You can post issues in the Early Access category. I think this will show how to leave Early Access…

Unfortunately, the information there is incorrect:

" How do I leave?

Leaving the Early Access program is as simple as signing up. All you have to do is install the current production version of Roon on your devices."

I tried that and my Roon About still shows “build 1169”

Build 1169 is the current production version.

I realize this. But my version 2.0 build 1169, does not match the latest version release of 2.05 from here: Software Release Notes - Roon Labs Community

Even though they are both the current versions.

Can you clarify what you mean by “doesn’t match”.
To my knowledge build 1169 is build 1169.
There is only one build 1169.
Just a little confused ATM here.

Well what is the Roon 2.0.5 here then? Software Release Notes - Roon Labs Community

Does yours look like this?

Mine looks like the first option there. But I’m wondering why the subject says Roon 2.0.5?

These are the recent production versions…It’s just 2 digits vs 3 digits.

It’s the build number that is key here I think.

2.0.5 is the version thst contains build 1169. Essentially you’re up to date.

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