How can I get Roon OS build 255?

Can someone tell me how I can get Roon OS build 255? Thanks!

This seems to change Roon server to “earlyaccess”, but Roon OS is stil “production”

I believe @RBM’s instructions are for Roon itself, not RoonOS. The approach should be similar, but you’d need another file (also named differently). See here:

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I’ve copied the “os_earlyaccess” file in the \Data\Reinstall folder, but it doesn’t upgrade Roon OS to build 255. Renaming “os_earlyaccess” to “os” doesn’t help and putting the file in the \Data\branches folder instead of the \Data\Reinstall folder doesn’t make a difference either. I’m out of options.

Just to be clear, after putting the file in the reinstall folder, you’ve hit the “Reinstall” button in the web interface?

Also, are you using the UEFI bootloader? If not, then it’s a rather pointless exercise.

Both times “Yes”. :wink: If it wasn’t UEFI I wouldn’t be able to install Roon OS / ROCK at all. I want to test the “HDMI fix”.

Roon OS 1.0 (build 256) production is available now.