How can I group or separate out albums I don’t especially like

Is there a way to separate out albums I don’t much like without deleting them? I have quite a lot of albums to scroll through when I’m looking for something to play, and it’d be handy to be able to send music I am not very fond of into a separate file. This would improve scrolling time a lot for me. I could imagine using an edit function and make up a prefix for all titles I don’t have a primary interest in. But I don’t especially like the idea of corrupting the title field.
Please don’t suggest deleting music, I don’t want to lose a title forever. I just want to group music I’m less interested in separate from music I enjoy more.

You could ban them or tag them, then focus with the banned or tagged albums excluded. And bookmark that focus.

Make use of tags and the favourites button (:heart: :no_entry_sign:), and use Focus to filter.

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As others have said. You can add a tag to the albums you don’t like. You can then apply a focus filter in the albums section to look for the on the + symbol to make the focus exclude albums with that tag. You then save this as a bookmark for use next time. As soon as you tag any other files with the same tag they automatically will be added to the bookmark so once made your set.

Create a tag in this section

Select the albums to add the tag

Select the tag you want to apply

To apply focus click on the tag icon near the words focus and select the tag it will then show all albums you tagged.

Cick the + symbol on the tag to make it a - it now flters out all the ones you tagged

Cick on the bookmark icon to the right and add a new one for this search. Then you can use this bookmark at anytime it will jump to albums with what you set up filtered out at any time. Any albums you tag later will also get filtered out automatically.

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All the mentioned methods like tags work, though arguably this is precisely what the star ratings are for. You can use focus to show only your albums with 5 or 4+ stars, etc.

However, sadly the star ratings are missing the option to apply a rating to a multiple selection of albums, you can do it only one by one. When using tags you can multi-select, making it less tedious to make large-scale changes.