How can I hide Tidal albums from my Library?

Dear all, how can I constantly hide Tidal albums in my libary, because I only want to see my own NAS library. At the moment I filter them by the Inspector function by marking only my music library. But this setting is loosing when I close roon.
Any idea?
Thank you in advance

I’ve added a bookmark to do this. Select Tidal in the Format tab of the Focus window then click on the + next to the Tidal tag to turn it into a -. Then save as a bookmark.

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Or disable Tidal in the Tidal settings page. I do this quite often, as it removes Tidal from Artist/Works pages, which the above-mentioned bookmark (which I also use) does not.

Hey @Armin – thanks for the question and I think @chrisbyrd or @Ludwig’s solutions will work here.

That said, I’m interested in understanding the issue here – you have albums set as favorites in Tidal that you don’t want to show up in Roon? You only want access to those favorites in Tidal?

We may be adding some new Tidal features in the future, so I want to make sure I understand your use case, to see if there’s something better we can do for you guys.

Let me know the motivation and we’ll look into it. Thanks!

I’m still in my trial period with Roon but I’m intrigued. One frustration I have though is integrating my Tidal interests and utilizing Roon’s imports. Is it possible to exclude certain tracks or artists? Just seeing certain stuff on my “possibles” list is irritating.

Hey @Eatanner – moved this here since I believe the question is the same. Check out some of the posts above and let me know what you think.

Also, I should’ve mentioned this before – yes, you can hide Tidal albums in Roon.

  • (optional) Focus the browser on Tidal content only - Focus > Format (all the way to the right) > Tidal
  • [Select albums][1] you want to hide
  • Click Edit, then Hide

Note that this doesn’t remove the albums from your Tidal library, it simply hides them in Roon.

I never selected favorour Albums in Tidal. I’m seeing appr. 200 Albums in the overview/albumview since installing roon.although I marked “no thanks” after sign in on Tidal during Installation routine of roon.

Thank you, that is a possible work araound. But in the end I would’nt like to see any Tidal Album without this bookmark Option.
Thank you, but this is no Option for me. Because every time when I want to look into Tidal, I have to go into Settings and Switch on Tidal.

I wonder seeing Tidal Albums in my library although I never marked any favorites!

Thank you

I was dealing with this today as well. What would be great is to be able to select libraries (Tidal vs NAS), or sort by album file type (i.e. FLAC) or somehow just be able to see the content on your NAS drive.

What would be great is under the ‘Sorted By’ drop down to have an available selection just from the NAS drive

Hey @Armin – on the album browser, can you click the little tag button and let me know what you see?

I’m guessing you added our Essentials collection during setup accidentally – you should be able to remove those albums in a few clicks using these instructions.

Let me know if that helps or if something else is going on here @Armin. Thanks!

Hi Mike, wenn I click on the tag button I see… nothing! There is no tag which I can choose, the list is empty
That is one of my further problems with roon.
And again: I never marked a Tidal category during the installation routine.

Understood @Armin – the Essentials category is marked by default, so we’ve had a few users click OK without reading the screen. This results in 200 albums being added to your collection, which is why I assumed that was the case here.

Regardless of how they got there, if you’d prefer these albums didn’t appear in your Roon library or your Tidal favorites, you can follow these steps:



  • Go to Focus > Format > Tidal to see all the Tidal albums currently selected as Favorites and added to your Roon library
  • Press Ctrl - A or CMD-A
  • You should now have all your Tidal albums selected – look them over and confirm you want them all removed from your library
  • Click Edit in the top-right
  • Select Delete from the end of the list, then look over the list and confirm you are only deleting TIDAL content as local files will be deleted from your hard drive

I think you should be able to remove all your TIDAL favorites this way – just keep in mind they will be removed from Roon, and will no longer be set as favorites in your Tidal account.

Thank you @mike.
Any idea why i can not see the tags in the tag Filter?

It is possible to remove Tidal info in a peculiar but simple manner: Use Focus, select Tidal. A “green tidal flag becomes visible”. Click on this and the flag gets red and the whole scene is inversed so that everything but Tidal is shown. Best I found, 5 clicks to do it first time, but if you save a bookmark, it is one click the next time.

Feature Request: A toggle button always available (regardless of context) to turn off Tidal for those cosy evenings when you want to impress yourself with your own and personally generated library.

I have a Bookmarked Focus for exactly that purpose, which I use frequently.

Ludwig, you do not, not fully. I have that bookmark too, and it does only work when in the context COLLECTION, it does not work in the context BROWSING. This is why I wrote “regardless of context”. However, it works well in the COLLECTION context.

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I love Roon and the integration with Tidal, but there is one button I really would like Roon to have.
Sometimes I would like not to see Tidal in my Roon browser, except for the ones that I have imported to my library and playlists, just one button.
Sometimes I just want to see what I have already and other times I want to explore with Tidal also.
Remember, just one click :wink: