How can I import entire library to a playlist and then delete several artists from the playlist?

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I would like to have my entire collection in a playlist except one or two artists. Hard drive has 8500 albums.

Hello @JOE_SODD, hey I might have a better way of getting you to your end goal for this one. What are we working towards with importing everything as a playlist? Let me know and I’ll see if I have a better suggestion! Regarding your playlist options, we have a good article here! Let me know if you have any questions about it.

Hi, yes I would like to import everything (+80,000 tracks) and omit several artists. I read the article but it wasn’t helpful for me.



Use focus.
Go to performers and select the ones you don’t want from the list, they will appear in green, tap each one and that will turn it red and that excludes them.
Once you’ve excluded all the performers. Click on a track in the main window then from the top left menu select all.
Then from the three dot menu at the top select add to playlist.
Couple of screenshots below

I do not have Tidal, perhaps that is why I have never seen the screen in your screen shots. Nor can I access performers, do you mean artists?


Sorry attached the wrong screenshot. Performers is in focus, scroll to the right. You need a tablet or pc/Mac to see focus.

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