How can I listen to little music without Core dropouts?

Roon Core Machine

macOS Monterey 12.2.1- Mac mini 2018- i3 quad core- 8GB memory- wired- HDMI connection to 75 inch TV

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ISP Spectrum- subnet Pakedge router- pakedge 24 port unmanaged switch

Connected Audio Devices

4 RaspberryPi USB- all hardwired- 2 chromcast audio

Number of Tracks in Library

105000 tracks

Description of Issue

Core constantly drops remote iPad/iOS music mid song then drops endpoints randomly. After which it nothing is connected. Core has to be rebooted and will play for a short time before repeating scenario.
I also use Audirvana Studio or Amarra on separate MacBook Air wirelessly without issue.

Hi @RTaylor3rd, quick question. You seem to hint that the core’s wireless, is that the case?

Core is wired.

OK, that’s the most likely answer irrelevant. The next step, what’s the network topology like? Is it all switch and ethernet cable or do you have anything like powerline networking involved? Sorry, just trying to save a little time when support does get here if nothing else.

No power line. Core is wired to subnet router. Subnet router wired to Pakedge gigabit switch. All endpoints are wired to same gigabit switch.

I don’t know anything about Pakedge network gear, but with both UniFi and Netgear, turning off IGMP snooping on routers and any managed switches can help keep Roon stable. The reason is that IGMP snooping algorithms are often “too clever” and break Roon’s use of multicast to discover and keep track of endpoints.

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thanks for the suggestion @Fernando_Pereira. I’ve rebooted all network gear including that from ISP. I’ve listened to an entire album successfully. I may be on to something. Fingers crossed.

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