How can I move my library to another hard drive?


I’ve just tried to move my library from my NAS to a USB drive. I’m trying to do this with Roon still maintaining the date added. Roon changed the date added to today. So, I think restored the database from a backup, but restoring the database redirects Roon to my NAS. I guess the Roon backup is location specific. Is there anyway to import the old library file while still pointing to my new USB drive?


Hang on, I think it’s working now. Now it looks like just a handful of albums are being treated as “added today”.

You should be able to edit the path.
Here is the way to do the move:

Thanks. Is there a way to change the date added for an album?

Try this:
from here:
Import dates

Traditionally, Roon has kept track of “Date Added” for tracks based on the first time that Roon saw a file or TIDAL track. This isn’t ideal when our collections typically go back for decades and Roon hasn’t been released for nearly as long.

There are a few features to improve this situation. You can edit the import dates for your tracks to match the file modification or creation times in the filesystem (multi-select a bunch of tracks in the track browser and use the “Metadata Preference” tab if you want to perform this operation to large amounts of content at once). You can, of course, also edit your import dates manually.

Not sure if this does what you need or not:

or this one for tracks: