How can I Move Roon on QNAP HDD to SDD

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Roon 1.7 on QNAP TVS882T using standard qpkg file and the installation is now on the RAID HDD.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
To get best performance which files should I move to one of the SSD?

Which files should be transfered to SSD?
What’s the bast way of doing it?

Regards Markku

Hi @Markku_Huusko and welcome to the forum.

From Roon Server on NAS:

What is a Roon database? Where are the music files stored?

Roon stores its metadata and indexes in a custom database built for performance. This database is populated by Roon when it identifies your music files. It lives separately from your music files, and for performance reasons, it is highly recommended that the Roon database be on an SSD instead of a spinning disk. Your music files can be stored on spinning disks with no consequences to performance.

The database files are internal to Roon, and should not be manipulated.


After installation, you need to specify the location for Roon Server’s database. Start this process by clicking the “Configure” button.

A window will appear to let you specify the folder, which you would like to use for Roon Server’s database.
In case you need to create a new folder, this needs to be done in the QNAP “Control Panel” under “Shared folders”, or use QNAP’s FileStation, if you need to create a folder within a shared folder.

This database folder should be on the SSD.

Have created a new folder on my SSD, starting the setup process but the setup stalled in ’ searching for devices’…

Any ideas on how to get to the config page?

The configuration will open, when you click on the Roon Server icon in the QNAP web administration (QTS).

Thanks, changed now the DB location to my SSD.

Can I just copy the backup files to the new folder?

Technically yes, but for what reason?

And also the folder that contains the database.

User Guide > Getting Started > Backups

As a new user, please start reading the user guide.

Sorry for asking such a basic questions.
I’m reading the manual and trying to understand, not so easy as a newcomer.
I installed Roon on my Qnap’s HDD more than a week ago.
After reading manual/forum I wanted to move the Roon Database to my SSD.
(made a backup from the HDD installation)
Changed the database location to the SSD and cannot connect to the remote Core any longer.
Could you kindle help me to understand the logic in how install the database from my backup to the new location on my SSD?
Right now I’m stuck in ‘waiting for Remote Core’ on my Mac.

If not already done so, please reboot your NAS and try again.

Have rebooted my Qnap, When looking at the Roon status on my Qnap the database location is now SSD, but it’s empty

After changing the database location Roon Server will create a new empty database on the new location. This database has a new identifier. That means your remote won‘t auto-connect to it, because they are still looking for the Server with the old identifier.

There is a button Select a different Core on that screen that lets you choose your server.

Your server should be listed on the screen, when you have pressed the button.

You will be asked to enter your credentials afterwards. On this screen, there is also a button Restore from backup at the bottom of the screen. Press this button and locate your backup folder and everything should be as it was before.

If you have already entered your credentials for the new server, you can also restore the backup in the backup section of the settings.

Thanks Christopher!
Now restoring from backup to the new database on my SSD

Restore done and now everything is working fine again.

I also have a second 500Gb SSD on my Qnap, can it be used in any way to boost performance of Roon?

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