(How) Can I play Lastfm

(how) Can I play Lastfm?


You can’t the Roon support for Lastfm is just for scrobbling.

Sorry, dont understand

Hi Robert,

Have a read of this Lastfm Scrobbling and this Roon forum post Add support to last.fm audioscrobbling and/or listening history import.

Does that help, if not can you explain more on what are trying to do?

@RobertW – LastFM has 2 services. Their radio service and AudioScrobbler. We support AudioScrobbler, but not the radio.

CBS has been open to letting others have access to LastFM Radio streaming, but they want commitments to hundreds of thousands of dollars of advertising on their advertising network (LastFM is owned by CBS). As you can imagine, that doesn’t really work for us.

AudioScrobbler however, is much more friendly towards third parties, and we have supported them from day 1.

Thanks Carl and Danny.
Its clear now.