How can I remotely connect to Roon

Nucleus+ is at home, and I want to connect from the office.
How can I remotely connect?

That is unfortunately not a supported use case of the nucleus+ (or Roon in general). You could set up a VPN to access your home network (note that corporate office networks often don’t allow that), but this wouldn’t necessarily allow you to play back music through the nucleus+ to your office.

There have been talks about ‘Roon Mobile’ or ‘Roon on the go’ for many years now, but nothing has materialized yet. There are some topics in #tinkering that could help you set up a VPN.

Thanks for the answer! Can I log in to my Roon account on my computer in the office and in nucleus at home? Or one Roon account only allow logging on to one device?

You can install and run Roon on more than one computer but only one can be active at any point in time.

Thank you!

To add on @Carl’s explanation, Roon will allow you to easily switch between Cores and ask you to activate/deactivate with the click of a button. It’s a fairly seamless transition.

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and ++ your home library will not be available on your other core but streaming additions should populate if you use Tidal or Qobuz services. I do this when I travel, and add an external disk of selected music if I want some of my own library on the go.