How can I remove a Tidal album from my collection (from iPhoned) [Answered - not possible on phone app]

I am using latest Roon on iOS…

Hi Marc,

While viewing the album, click the 3 dots menu and select Edit. Scroll down to the bottom of the Album Options tab and select Delete Album.

Deleting a Tidal album will remove it from your library and unfavorite it in Tidal.

More info here.

Cheers, Greg

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Hi Greg, thanks for the quick reply!
I don’t have the Delete Album option. Only Add To Library (why I don’t know, because I am sure it’s in there), Add To A Playlist and Share. The options Add To A Tag and Export are also absent.

Are you on an iPhone? The iPhone version has limited functionality. Can you try Greg’s tip from an iPad or desktop?

Thanks Rob, yes, on the desktop the option is shown. Indeed not on the phone :confused:

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