How can I see a performer view if they're only in my library as a composer?

Here’s something I’ve never figured out… if an artist is in my library as a composer, but I don’t have any of their albums in my library, then when I view that artist I can’t see any of their albums. It shows only the “composer” view, not the “performer” view.

As soon as I add an album, I’m able to switch between “composer” and “performer.” Most importantly, that lets me see any Qobuz albums that I don’t have in my library.

So I’m wondering, if someone is a composer in my library, but not yet a performer – how can I see the albums they have on Qobuz?

I think it’s a bug that roon know about. Way out of it :thinking:

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Hi @PatMaddox,

We have a ticket open with our team about this issue. I can’t provide any specific timelines here for when a change will become available, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Please note that, as a current workaround, you can add one of this artist’s albums to your library you will gain the option to view their performer page.

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