How can I tell if my demo is Nucleus or a Nucleus +?

I am demoing a Nucleus, but I don’t know if it is a Nucleus or a Nucleus +.
How can I tell ?

Thank you for your help.

visit the web ui for the device…

roon -> sidebar -> settings -> setup -> configure roon os devices -> click on your device

then, in the web ui, itll say in the upper left.

An even easier method:

roon - sidebar - settings -general . The top line of the display will read “Core” and under that your core device will be identified. It says “Nucleus+” for my Nucleus+ so I assume it just says “Nucleus” for a Nucleus.

Danny, sorry to upstage a roon expert but I can get the info with fewer steps :slight_smile:

I would have said “ask the sales guy”, even fewer.

you can change that name… it’s only a default to help identify your Core

Thank you all.

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