How can I transfer favorites from Tidal to Roon?

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Hello everyone,

I have the following problem. I have favorited over 500 songs in Tidal. How do I transfer favorites from Tidal to Roon?

Thanks very much,
Marco Schmidt

Hi Marco

Go to “Services” and activate Tidal

And than “Sync”


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Hi Torben,
perhapst i have to make some screenshots for a better understanding.
Here you see Tidal opened in Roon. If i scoll down you would see over 500 songs tagged with favorite (in german Lieblingstitel)

In the next picture you see the favorites in roon.

I´m looking for a way to see the favorites from Tidal in Roon.


Ah, I think you have a misunderstanding.

“Favorites” have different meaning in Roon from Tidal (and Qobuz).

Applying Favorite to a track or album in Tidal (or Qobuz) will cause that track or album to be automatically added to your Roon Library.

Once in your Library, then you can apply Roon’s “Favorite” to a track or album - that means that those items are Favorites in your Library… It’s like a second level, so that you can mark your special tracks and albums as favorites in your library…

thanks to your explanation, I was able to find a solution right away.
The list of titles can be expanded with the menu item “Import date”. Since I had just added Tidal to Roon, the Tidal favorite songs were added to the track list on that exact date. Now all I had to do was favorite a song with one click and that was it.

Thanks a lot for this.

You can also use Focus in both the Track and Album browser and select the Storage location criterion to show just the Tidal tracks/albums in your Library…

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