How can I use focus within Qobuz

I put “Daniel Barenboim” in the main roon top right search box. I click on the artist Daniel Barenboim that comes up. There are my Daniel Barenboim albums. Underneath is the Qobuz main albums section, showing 297 albums. I want to focus inside this section, say on Keyboard works. Or Beethoven Concertos. But there’s no focus option. And the albums are in what seems to be a random order. 297 albums is too many to scroll through. Any ideas?

You cant use focus in search I am afraid it’s for your library only. You have to use the the filter to get it more to what you want

Thanks, but there are far more barenboim beethoven recordings in Qobuz than your example shows. There is something quite badly wrong with the search.

If I search (at the top level) for “barenboim beethoven” within the first 20 or so albums I get Beethoven Sonatas by Kempf and Gilles and symphonies by Gardiner. Completely wrong. Nothing to do with Barenboim.

If I search first for Daniel Barenboim and then filter by Beethoven I get six albums, far fewer than there really are.

Indeed your query should produce far more albums - just try it in qobuz own app!

Thats as good is gets currently. This I am sure is the first stage of improving search capabilities outside of your library. I would put in a post in the feature requests section with your thoughts.

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