How can we make smart playlist in Roon

I would like to know if their is a way to make smart playlist with Roon like we can in iTunes ?

What I would like to do is to make a playlist that will update itself based on some criteria. I think in Roon we can use Bookmark to do this but i’m not sure.

Lets say I want to play song that has not been played, has no rating, and only local music (shared drive). This way I could listen to music not played with no rating so it’s easier to track songs to rate them.

Later I want to make another playlist but this time with only songs that are rated as favourite.

Playlist example

Genre: New Age (only)
Played: Only tracks not played
Favorite: Songs (Not rated)
Library: local only

Is their a way to do this in Roon ?

Thank you

Is this of any help for you?

FAQ: How do I create a smart playlist? How do I save a Focus?

You are spot on !

Right after I post in the forum. I tried the focus and now i’m going to play with it.

Thank you

It would be nice if we could edit the Focus based on a bookmark and make some modifications and save it back to the same bookmark (replace or updating).

At the moment we need to create a new bookmark or I didn’t find the way to update an existing bookmark

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