How could I create a list of things to listen to later?

I use Macs and ipad, if i’m browsing and want to go back and read something latter I just add it to the reading list.

So in Roon if they suggest new albums or singles etc how could I add them to a list to listen to at some point before adding to my library or just deleting if i don’t like it?

I can’t create a tag as it’s not in my library, any options to achieve this?

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I have a tag named “to listen to” but have to add them to my library before assigning to the tag.

Am not bothered by adding to library since they’re easily to track via the tag if I decide to remove.

Others may do things differently :slight_smile:


I add to a "!Listen to later’playlist, the "!’’ puts it first in the list.
Doesn’t have to be in your library to add to a playlist


I keep a note on my notes app, since some of my “listen to” later may not be available on streaming services or maybe someone recommended an artist but no specific songs or albums.

Aside from that, the solution that @ged_hickman1 seems like the best way to go.

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Just make a playlist you can’t add anything to something not in Roons library, not sure how you could do it any other way. Even the services apps are like this, add it to a playlist or favourite it.

This is going to sound insane, but I keep a list in the on my phone and computer (they sync on the mac). That covers things I run across when browsing, and also when I’m out and about and I ask siri what is playing, and also what friends recommend. It’s less than ideal when I’m browsing roon, or apple music, but it is perfect because it also incorporates my to listen to list when I’m away from home or visiting friends etc.


Interesting, do you manually type them in or can you use copy and paste some of the time?

An app called Trello may be better than notes as you can have multiple boards and access anywhere.

Yeah, I just type them in. Often just the band name and shortened when possible. I’ll sometimes make notes of who recommended it though. So I can later judge their musical character and determine if they can be trusted with future recommendations.

I also have many different lists some of which are: movie recommendations (covers tv shows, documentaries, YouTube videos etc), restaurant recommendations, attractions in various places, and various products to check out. I also have shopping lists (these are shared with my wife so we can both add products and check them off no matter who is at the store) for grocery stores, and home stores. But I also have lists for McMaster-carr and Digi-Key/mouser. But the lists are in the now.

My phone is also my notebook and I’ve got all sorts of notes on all sorts of stuff. Because the notes also sync to the computer, I have some very full note files on the complete network setup in our home complete with passwords and how to administer the various devices diagrams and pictures as well. I have an extensive note file on my quad repairs with many pictures measurements, scans of notes I’ve put on paper etc. you can do a lot with But I also sync them to Microsoft one note as well because I don’t like to have my eggs in one basket.


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Maybe not the best way but screenshots in iPad and iPhone and find them later in the photos app :blush:

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Or go old school
:ledger: + :writing_hand:

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Hey @Phil_Ryan!

As a few people have suggested, creating a playlist is a quick and easy way to save music you’d like to hear later but not add to your library immediately.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Let’s say you’re looking at your TIDAL tab in Roon and see several albums that pique your interest.
  • Long press them to select the albums you want to review
  • Then click the ellipsis button at the top of the page (1)
  • Select Add to playlist (2)
  • Create a new playlist (3)
  • Name the playlist and press Create (4)

  • This will save a list of the music you want to explore but not add it to your library
  • If there’s something in the list you do want to add, simply click the album title in the playlist
  • Then the plus button on the album page
  • You can create a new playlist each time or simply add new selections to the Explore playlist you’ve already made.

I thought of that, but I’d have to go out and buy a pen.
And keep old receipts so I can write on the back.

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Have thought about this a couple of times and ended up with the quasi playlist solution. As eloquent as Roon is, they need a “click and done” solution - “Audition Later”, etc., that does not add anything to the library and allows for auditioning at a later time. Maybe have a Note that can be added for maybe referencing how the track/LP was sourced/recommended/review, thoughts/personal review etc. Time-Stamped…


Roon keeps a log of everything that Radio or a third party playlist plays for you in the queue (one log per audio device or group). To view the queue, click the queue button to the right of skip to next in the bottom player bar.

When something catches my ear, I stop, open the item, and add the record to the library. Later, I can go to home, review the adds, and tag them for purchase or further play.

Or just play them from the Added tab of home.

A track or record can be added to a playlist without being in the library, for example For Later playlist.

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Yeah, playlist for me, loads of ‘em! :joy:

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I only add albums to my Roon library, then sort by date added to find something I’ve added recently and in the mood to listen to.