How do I access the file browser?

I looked in the knowledge base. It says that to add new music we’ll be using the file browser–but it doesn’t say how to access it. Sorry if I’m being dense.

I’m running a headless NUC with a MacBook Pro as a remote.


File browser is used when configuring storage. It replaces our previous storage configuration, which often involved cutting and pasting paths, which was ugly and horrible.

You’ll see the new file browser functionality any time you’re moving files in and out of Roon – setting up or restoring backups, adding new folders of music, and adding cover art.

Thanks. So let’s say I want to add a new album to Roon using the file browser. Files are on my laptop and I want to add them to a watched Roon folder on the server. What’s the procedure?

Hmm. You only use Roon’s file browser when you set up the location of a watched folder. That is it.

After that, you will be using the tools in whichever operating system your PC is running to copy the files to the watched folder.

So, on your laptop find the folder containing the files, hit copy, open your laptop’s network browser and browse to the watched folder on the server and then paste.

Thanks Daniel. Apparently I was a bit confused about the functionality of the file browser. I thought I’d seen something a few weeks back about 1.3 enhancements, and I’m sure I saw something within the last couple of days about using the file browser to add music to your collection.