How do I add a performer to a set of tracks?

I’ve a download of the Berliner Philharmoniker playing music of John Adams. In “Scheherazade.2” (tracks 9-12), the Philharmoniker and Adams are identified under “Performed by.” The violinist, Leila Josefowicz, is, however, not identified. How do I add her as a performer of these tracks?

I found “Edit Tracks” (click on Edit under the 3-dot symbol), and I added Josefowicz as violinist; now she appears as violinist under Credits for the album. But even now, only the Philharmoniker and Adams appear under “Performed by” for “Scheherazade.” in the track listing.

In Edit Tracks, add her to Credits as a Primary Artist.

That didn’t work. She now appears in Credits for the album under Primary Artist and under Violin. But nothing was added to “Performed by” for the piece (ie, tracks 9-12).

Hmm, worked for me on another album. Are all the tracks that make up the Composition selected when you edit ?

Yes, I clicked on the grouping “Scheherazade” (tracks 9-12).

These are the available Credit roles, perhaps Performer ?

I used Edit Tracks to remove “Berliner Philharmoniker, John Adams” (that string) as Primary Artist, then created and added “Berliner Philharmoniker, John Adams, Leila Josefowicz” (that string) as Primary Artist.

The rules for display seem arbitrary. Eg, 3 separate operations of adding Berliner Philharmoniker, then John Adams, then Leila Josefowicz as Primary Artist didn’t have the desired effect. It seems – I think – that only the first string added as Primary Artist produces the result desired.

All this buggering around within Roon to try and achieve something that won’t even survive a database error. I really hope metadata starts getting the focus it deserves, in the meantime I’d add her through underlying file tags.

Agreed. [This part is to reach the 10-character minimum]

Try adding her as a Featured Artist.