How do I add Itunes library to roon running on a nucleus

Well, with help form here I was able to get My folders of ripped cds onto my 512 gb ssd, i installed in my Nucleus.
Next, how do i setup itunes libray so roon can see it. Does it have to be on a nas?
i did this

but it doesnt seem to work

I expect that you need to include your username and password to be able to access that shared folder (and you have set that folder to be shared over the network, right?).

You might also want to read the “What’s changed?” section of this KB article.

Hey @john_palmer,

Where is your iTunes library stored? Can you confirm that the folder is properly shared so it can be accessed over the network?

As Geoff mentioned above, you’ll want to be sure to include the proper username and password for accessing the share.


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