How do I Ban a group of Tracks all at once?

I’m sure I’m missing something easy and obvious, but I can’t see how to do it.


Hmmm, I can’t see how to do this. We can favourite a group of tracks by selecting all (right click/long press, top left menu) and choosing Favourite from the triple dot menu. Once Favourited, however, we can Unfavourite as a group but I can only toggle Ban individually.

Am I missing something @Carl ? If not, this might be a good feature request.

Hi Andy,

I too am not aware of a way to bulk ban tracks.

Though a whole album can be toggled though favourite, ban, un-favourite.

@Mike, Maybe the bulk action options should allow toggling around the options as well?


Any ideas on this? I can’t seem to ban even a single track from a playlist, either.

There isn’t currently a way to ban multiple tracks at once, although we would consider adding this if there was sufficient interest.

Banning a track is a pretty “heavy” operation, which is why it’s not included in any of the multi-select options. Banned tracks don’t play during album or artist playback, nor are they selected in Radio. These are tracks you pretty much never want to hear again, so in theory this will only be used sparingly in your collection.

I’d be interested to know a bit more about how you’re using this feature @Jeff_Bellune – I admit I’m not totally clear about why you’d want to add a track to a playlist and then make sure it never plays :slight_smile: I’d also encourage you to make a request in the Features Request section so we can gauge interest there.

Thanks @Jeff_Bellune!

Hi Mike,

I thought I might be able to use Roon’s banned/not rated/favorite track rating system to replace my old iTunes 5-star rating system, but I need a way to mark many tracks banned all at once to make the switch practical.

As I generate smart playlists using the Focus/Bookmark feature, there are tracks I don’t generally want to hear. In iTunes, I rated them either one or two stars. But the difference between 1* and 2* ratings became essentially nil over time. In an analogous situation, my favorite tracks were rated either 4* or 5*, and again the effective difference between the two vanished after a while.

So I figured I could use Roon’s 3-level rating system (banned, not rated, favorite) to replace the 5-star system I used in iTunes. Banned = 1* or 2*; not rated = 3* and favorite = 4* or 5*

But I have a lot of 1* and 2* tracks, so hunting them down in a track list or album list is painful. I made an iTunes playlist that is available in Roon that has only my 1* and 2* tracks in it, but I can’t ban a track from the list of tracks in the playlist so I’m back to painfully searching and banning.

I’m also tagging the "1* or 2*’ tracks as such, but I think the “automatic” non-playing of banned tracks that exists in Roon is a very attractive feature. I’m trying to use the built-in rating system to streamline track selection.

So 90% of the time I don’t want to hear a 1* or 2* banned track anywhere. But there are times when the “artistic integrity” of an album ('scuse me while I sniff, sip and then swill a glass of expensive red wine while I’m being all artistic :slight_smile: ) or simple nostalgia really requires that the whole thing be played as-is. So I don’t want to completely eliminate all the “banned” tracks from my collection. I would temporarily un-ban the banned tracks for playback

If modifying the banned tracks feature does fall into the too-hard or not-designed-that-way category, how would you handle the track rating management that I’m trying to accomplish? Or is there a better/more efficient way to go about it that I haven’t thought of yet? (And by “you”, I mean not just Mike, but anyone who has endured and read this far!)


I would try using Roon’s Tags feature. You can create tags for 1 Star, 2 Star, etc and apply them to multiple tracks on almost any screen in the app.

We’re planning on making Tags even more powerful in the future, so expect the functionality to improve and become more prominent as well.

Hope that helps!

Thanks, Mike. Does that new power include being able to include/exclude tagged tracks from Radio or Album play? Because I sure like the way that banned tracks never get played by Radio. And I’ve found that I end up listening to Radio more than I thought because I never seem to have quite enough tracks in the queue to get me through whatever activity is happening. :slight_smile:


Hi @Support,
Are you able to answers Jeff question?
I ask as knowing the answer to this may well influence how this feature request Radio - Avoid lower bitrate files could be addressed.

Knowingly dredging up an ancient thread. Please send slings and arrows my way if I have troubled you by doing so. :slight_smile:

Latest Roon updates as of the end of 2020 have made banned tracks very useful in the context I described above. Specifically, no Radio play of banned tracks but they will play as part of an album.

So the only question remaining is the original one: How do I ban multiple tracks at once, please?

Usage case: I have a tag called, “Album Play Only” that I use for tracks that I only want to hear when I play that particular album. Banned tracks now fulfill that function. I would get to clean up a bit of my tag list and bookmark list if I could eliminate that tag and let banning take over. However, I can add the Album Play Only tag to many tracks at once, but I can’t ban multiple tracks at once. That limitation is onerous.

No, banned tracks do not play when playing an album unless you manually select all the tracks of an album and add them to the queue.

Thanks, Speed_Racer. I would have bet money that a recent update behaved like I described, but the current update does not. I guess my tagging system stays as is.

Move along. Nothing to see here.


There is a boolean tag that may help you that I pushed to get added. It is called “ROONRADIOBAN”. Set it to “Yes”, “True”, or “1” and the track should never be played by the Radio.

Unfortunately, you can’t set this tag within Roon…

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