How do I change order of tracks on my playlist (how do i drag tracks up or down) [Answered]


I have created a playlist but now I want to change the order of the tracks (i.e. I want to drag tracks up or down), how do I do this ?

I searched for this in the knowledge base couldn’t find the answer anywhere.


See the icon with three blue lines between the Play icon and the sequence number on each track? That’s a handle that you can grab and drag the track up and down to change the play order. It won’t appear on TIDAL playlists, but it’s there for any playlists you create in Roon.


How do you change it subsequent to the latest update?

As far as I can see, there’s been no change with the latest update. The handle icon is still there, and in the same place on my system. Can you post a screenshot of yours?