How do I change the backup location in Nucleus?

I have a Nucleus (almost a month old), which I started using before I got myself an SSD. To have a backup location, I chose to go for a USB memory stick connected directly to Nucleus. Now I have an SSD installed, and I would like to use the SSD as the new backup location and stop using the memory stick.

My problem is that I cannot find out how to terminate the current use of memory stick as backup location in order to start using the SSD as backup location instead. You refer to the good pratice of creating more than one backup, but I am unable to find a way to create another backup location in addition to the memory stick. I have tried to search through the Knowledge base and the user guide, but only the first time backup setup is explained, extensions to more backups are just referred to as being a wise thing to do. How to do this is not explained as far as I can see.

The next challenge will then be to make the system accept that the memory stick no longer shall be used.

Any ideas?

The SSD is an internal disk in Nucleus, installed and formatted as per your instructions.

First, it really isn’t a good idea to use the internal SSD of the Nucleus as a backup location. If ever something goes wrong with the SSD, and you need to reinstall the OS , you will lose all your backups in the reinstallation. Far better to add a USB drive to the Nucleus and use that, or store your backups on network storage. Then you won’t be keeping all your eggs in one basket.

To add a new storage location, simply go to Settings/Backups, click the “View Scheduled Backups” button, and then click the “Add” button. Having set up your new backup location, you can delete the old one by clicking the “3 dots” menu by the location, then “Edit”, and finally “Delete”.

Thank you! I intend to back up the backup as well, but right now your support has asked me to remove the USB stick while logging what happens to my system for another reason. And, to no surprise, Nucleus didn’t like this removal.

The backup is about metadata, isn’t it?

I intend to create regular backups of the entire SSD.

Probably better to keep the USB as backup, but remove the library by transferring it to the internal SSD, then.

I should clarify my earlier reply. I thought you were talking about the small SSD used in the Nucleus to hold the operating system and the Roon software. Now I realise that you were meaning the second 2.5" drive that can be installed in a Nucleus to hold your music files.

This should also NOT be used as a storage location for your backup files. The reason is that Roon treats the entire drive as the storage location for your music files, and having folders containing Roon backups mixed in this is not a good idea.

Roon backups contain snapshots of the Roon database, which holds everything Roon needs to know about your music library and any edits that you have done to it, your zones, audio/display devices and your Control devices, your profiles and your play history.

Thanks for the clarification. My strategy will now be to use the USB for the backup and the SSD for my library. Very good! Thank you!

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