How do I change the IP address?

I setup roon to monitor a folder on my NAS using SMB (IP address of the share), however the NAS device IP address changed after a reboot. I tried to modify the storage settings in roon to reflect the new IP address of the NAS but I am unable to find a way to do so… Can you please let me know how can I modify the IP address of the location in roon settings?

You can’t, you need to delete that network folder and add the new one. My advice is to use static IP for your NAS, or change the NAS IP address.

Interesting… Would adding the new location have roon reimport all the files? I would like to avoid roon importing everything from scratch since I use the “Overview” mode and like seeing the albums in the order they were imported, if I add a new location for the existing files, would the import order be reset?

The system is designed to preserve import dates (and everything else like favorites, plays, edits, etc) for any audio files that your Roon install has seen before. This should work even if they are moved to a new watched folder.

That said, if you have the option to set the NAS to the original IP address (configured to be a static IP) that might be worth trying – like @vova said, a static IP address for your NAS is good way to go.

If you do want to setup the NAS drive’s updated IP address, it will need to be configured as a new watched folder, and you can find step by step instructions here.