How do I combine multi disc albums?

Like Miles Davis Bitche’s Brew, so that it shows up as one album and has the “2” in the upper right hand corner?

Thx in advance!


Have a read of [Merge Albums]
( in the Roon Knowledge Base.

Trust this helps.

How do you undo this if I screwed it up?

There are a number of ways, but sometimes I find the simplest is just to delete the bad merge and reload the originals from backup or media. Is that feasible for you ?

I have been able to merge albums, including ones with multiple CDs. However in more than half the cases, the artwork, which had been present in both CDs (the same artwork in both) just disappears, leaving a grey area. Anyway to get the artwork back? Thanks.

It should just pick up artwork in the first folder if it doesn’t have the artwork in the Roon database.

I use folder.jpg as my naming convention.

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