How do I configure roon for a specific interface in linux

Roon Core Machine

System information

Type: Desktop
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc.
BIOS version: 4801
BIOS date: July 25, 2014
CPU: 12x Intel(R) Core™ i7-4930K CPU @ 3.40GHz

Networking Gear & Setup Details

2 IP’s reside on this server - and external bridge configured for Internet access of virtual machines, and an internal bridge for local access and virtual host access

Connected Audio Devices

Many devices - Windows 11 devices, Raspberry PI w/ Ropieee XL and other PI devices running roon clients

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

The server running on a linux box ALWAYS connects to the EXT-bridge, making access to it from the internal network very sketchy, especially for my android phone.
When I disable the ext-bridge and restart the roon server, it will bind to the correct IP at that point, but that causes and issue for all my virts in KVM, as they will disconnect from the ext bridge and need a full reconfiguration to start working correctly again.

How do I get it to bind to my internal network IP automatically EVERY TIME.

Also, sometimes the client will load, and then start looping through tracks like it’s trying to play, can’t and then moves to the next track.
This seems to happen every other day - ESPECIALLY when the roon server is bonded to the External bridge.

I pay yearly for my subscription, I would like some honest support for this.

I’ve moved this post to the #tinkering category, since having 2 NICs is not a standard and supported configuration. Perhaps someone in the Community has a solution for you.

Roon will bind to every interface it finds. I don’t think there is anyway to stop it from doing this.

Run Roon in a VM or Container. That will give you control to expose Roon a single interface of your choice.


You could try forceBindIP or this one looks like it does the same thing: NetworkAdapterSelector

Edit: sorry, these solutions work for Windows, not Linux.