How do I connect my NAD C338 to the Roon core?

I’ve got a NAD C338 sitting on my WiFi network, same as my Roon core, with built-in Googlecast. Somehow I can’t find it when setting things up in core. How do I connect it?

AFAIK your amp doesn’t have BlueOS which is what Roon will connect to.
Roon (currently) isn’t Google Cast compatible.


Too bad. Thx for the reply though!

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I have a NAD C338 that I picked up refurbished. With Roon’s current support for Chromecast now, it works just fine, yay - also correctly fires the MQA Core decoder on any master tracks prior to passing them along.

Does this mean I can now actually play MQA files from, say, Tidal on the C338?

Hi @Jos_Birken
You have many Raspberry based streamers you can use (better if you have network cable near your amp. If not , WiFi will work too, I never tested it, and you will have to buy a compatible wifi dongle).

  1. Raspberry Pi + Hifiberry - (it is a pi board and another hat board attached to the pi) both $100
  2. Allo digo one series - $150 to $250

You use both with ropieee (freeware) software, that is a Roon endpoint. Very easy to install.

Both have coaxial spdif out you can plug into your Amp.
Better solution than the chromecast regarding sound quality!


Thanks, Antonio! One question about the Raspberry Pi setup - is there a solution for fanless cooling? I’m a little bit worried about the noise

The pi doesn’t have a fan, passively cooled.

I know. But we live in a hot climate (Singapore) so I anticipate that we will need to build in some form of extra cooling

You can use a passive cooling case, a lot of the users on the forum use this one.
If you go to the hardware part of this forum there are lots of pi discussions that might help.

I live in Johannesburg , Temps 28-35 in summer my Pi never seems to have an issue . Mine is in an Allo acrylic case no cooling solution, its even hidden in a drawer live with it monitor it