How do I connect Roon to Bluesound

Your documentation is VERY CONFUSING. I have Roon on a Mac running OS 10.13. I have Tidal, and I have a Node2 player, I know how to get TIDAL stuff to my Node2 player using an IPhone 10 as the control device.

If I use Roon to play TIDAL stuff, I can get it to play on the built-in speakers of my Mac. I can also send it a HomePod in another room. But Bluesound doesn’t show up on my Mac (should it???) and I cannot get music from Roon to play on the Bluesound device and the amplifier/speaker attached to it.

You should have clear documentation about this, and it should be easy to find. But you don’t. Your rhetoric is full of how wonderful you are. I would prefer clear instructions on what to do.

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Hey Martin,

Sorry for the frustration. It’s not clear from your post what you’ve tried so far, but some places to start:

If you’ve already read those, let us know these details and our Support team can help.

If you hadn’t already read those articles and they end up being helpful, feel free to let us know some more information about where you initially looked – we’re always interested in details about how we can make the initial setup process easier.


None of this makes sense to me. Here is what I want to do: I want to use my Iphone to tell Bluesound via Room or Roon via Bluesound to play something from TIDAL on the stereo system that Bluesound is plugged into. So there is

  1. a conventional stereo
  2. Bluesound as an input into the stereo
  3. Roon as a kind of musical bibliography on my PC
  4. A Tidal subscription
  5. An Iphone that works as a control tool and remote

There ought to be a good description of how these pieces fit together, because it looks like a fairly standard scenario. But you don’t have such a description, at least not one I can understand. I have something called Roon on my iphone, and it seems to have some connection to my PC, because it is loading something that is on the PC, but is hnging.

What do I need to do to get things to work???

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I should add to my previous post that my Bluesound node is connected with an Ethernet cable to a router and that my PC is similarly connected to that router. My iphoen can “talk” to the Bluesound device giving Tidal commands. Roon cannot talk to the Bluesound unit either from the PC or from the iPhone.

Hello @Martin_Mueller,

Let’s get you up and running with Roon and your Bluesound player!

  1. Open the Roon application on your Mac computer
  2. Click on the Menu button in the top left corner of the application window
  3. Scroll down the menu and open Settings
  4. Click on “Audio” on the left side of the settings window

At this point, your Roon window should look something like this

  1. Scroll down until you see your Bluesound device. Click the “Enable” button listed next to it.
  2. Roon should then show the name of the Bluesound device where the “Enable” button once was

It should look like this

  1. Click with your mouse anywhere outside of the Settings pop-up (the greyed out interface that is still showing behind) to close it and return back to the Roon playback interface
  2. Along the bottom bar of the interface on the right hand side, you should see “System Output” (this may be different if you have renamed the system output in the settings menu) with a speaker icon. Click on the icon to open the “Zone Selection” screen
  3. You should see your Bluesound device listed along with your “System Output”
  4. Click to select the zone, and confirm that the zone has been highlighted with a blue shade with a checkmark in the top right corner
  5. Click anywhere to the left of the Zone Selection window to dismiss it
  6. Try and start playback. If Roon is appearing to play to the device but you do not hear anything out of your speakers, ensure that the volume setting in Roon is not too low or muted.

Once you have done these steps, your iPhone Roon Remote app should update itself with the ability to play to your Bluesound device. When using the iPhone app, tap the bottom right corner of the screen to enter the Zone Selection screen, and select your Bluesound zone. You should then be able to play to the device.

Let us know if you have any difficulty with the above process! We have many users using Roon with their Bluesound products, it’s a music lover’s delight!