How do I control the volume of my Allo DigiOne Signature via the Roon app?

I’ve tried both Volumio and Roopieee (XL) into a DAC and cannot control volume within the Roon App. It has a Pi 4. I do not have this issue with my Hifiberry which allows me to control volume on Roon app. On the Hifiberry, I downloaded Nobbbbs (however you spell it) and added Roon. All works fine. What’s the story here? Please help

You can’t! The DigiOne uses the S/PDIF interface, so you must use Fixed volume since the connected DAC isn’t visible to Roon and no signaling is carried over this interface.

You’ll need to use your preamplifier to control volume or use DSP (software) volume control.

Thanks Martin. DSP it is.

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But let me ask this, the way the DSP volume is working is that I can only reduce the volume, i.e., I have to set my amplifier output at a high level and take it down. On my other Endpoints, the volume control is expressed in the positive. Can u suggest the right setting, if any, that will make the Allo endpoint consistent with the other endpoints in terms of volume adjustment? Thanks

Most likely the other endpoints are using Hardware volume. DSP volume will be expressed in dB (dBFS), which is a ratio based on sample value. So, if the highest value is 65536 (for 16-bit audio) we have …

0 dB = 20log( 65536 / 65536)

And, if the sample value is 32768 we get …

-6 dB = 20log( 32768 / 65536 )

Essentially, the loudest analogue voltage and reference point is equivalent to the highest value in bits whether 16 bit (65535) or 24 bit (16777216.) This is why the value is equal to or less than 0 dB.

So, set your preamp to the loudest comfortable volume, so that 0 dB represents this. Also, note that this is a log scale, so the control won’t be linear.

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