How do I copy my music file to the internal SSD disk

Hello everybody, my name is Arnold, I’m from Austria.

I own a Roon Nucleus + for a week. Everything works perfectly and I’m very excited about software and hardware. The Nucleus + is currently picking up the music from an external storage disk on which he also manages it. I now plan to install a SSD disk in the Nucleus +. Now my question.

How do I copy my music file to the internal SSD disk? Furthermore, what settings are necessary that the management of this internal SSD disk works.

Hi Arnold,

This KB article should help you out. If you have any further questions after reading it, post them in this thread and the Community should be able to help. If not we will get Support involved.

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Ok, I think I got it and I’ll try it that way.
Thanks for your help Andrew!
Greetings Arnold

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