How do I delete a post

I put my post in the wrong place and want to repost it correctly. How do I get rid of the original?

Just mark it for deletion,or maybe @RBM can help

How do I mark it for deletion? I saw a ‘D’ shortcut mentioned but have no idea how to apply it.

Click on the 3 … next to reply and select the trashcan

Thanks Wizardofoz


You can only delete your own posts, but I’m not 100% sure if it’s the first post if you can remove it…give it a try…takes 24hrs to happen

I’ve just tried to do that and there is no trashcan icon on that particular post although there is on the one I’ve just sent you!

Rene will help…or one of the other mods. Don’t panic :smiley:

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I have closed and unlisted that thread. Post away, @Alan_McMillan!

Thank you kindly.