How do I delete a service?

I canceled Tidal in favor of Qobuz. But I don’t see how to delete the Tidal service from Roon!!! When I go to Settings/Services, my only options for Tidal are “login” and “signup.” I don’t want to do either. i want to delete Tidal from Roon, but I see no way of doing that.

If you have logged out of Tidal, then that’s it. Roon is then not linked to Tidal anymore.

There is no deleting the option to use Tidal from Roon. It will always be listed in Services, just like Dropbox.

Hi @David_Fair,

@Rugby is correct here — There is no way to completely remove TIDAL from the Services section of Settings — As long as you are not logged in there is nothing more you’ll need to do.

I found the Tidal messages on login annoying. Totally undocumented, but the thing to do is log in to your defunct Tidal account. From there, you can “DISABLE.” No other way. That makes the annoying messages go away.

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