How do I easily create a playlist of a self composed album / folder

I would love to see that you can create a playlist by designate a folder / album that i put together my self

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I also think it’s bad that you can’t just designate a folder to create a playlist of songs that you have compiled yourself.

You can easily create a .M3U file with VLC or another app based on your folder. Then save the .m3U file in your folder and Roon will create a playlist.

Thanks, but why a third party app … to make a M3U file??

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because it’s the only way I know :slight_smile:

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haha yet. thats why i’am asking to make it possible

I don’t speak for Roon, but my guess is that they are not going to implement any feature that runs contrary to the app’s architecture.
Particularly so when it is easily done by a third party app.

BTW, you should have a tagger in your arsenal for these and other exigencies. Good luck.

if you have a folder of music on your computer that you want to make into a playlist in Roon then:

Take the folder out of any existing Storage location that Roon is using.
Specify it as a new Storage location for Roon.
Use Focus/Inspector/Storage location to filter for Tracks/Albums in that location.
Select All.
Add to a Playlist.

If you have an Album in Roon that you want to make into a Playlist in Roon then:

Album Browser/Album
Select All
Add to a Playlist

See this KB page about Creating Playlists.

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Another way:
Go to tracks
Add paths to the list of columns to display
Sort on paths
Scroll until you find your folder.
Select the tracks from that folder - they should all be together.
edit, add to playlist

Does that work for you?


Clever stuff.

Thanks everyone, I know the method you describe. But I know free software “foobar2000” that can make a folder to play list why so difficult though Roon doesn’t have the best search engine also. It should be like this, click make a playlist, then multiple options including choose a folder, ad to playlist, finished.

Not in roon that’s just what it is.

Roon is not a free program, why do i need a free program to make a playlist in software that costs 110$ or 500$ for a lifetime??

It’s a fair question, but it just is what it is, at least for now. Consider it like a restaurant that has the best burgers in the city, but for whatever weird reason they just won’t serve fries. If you want the burger, bring your own fries or live without the burger.

In this case I think the burger is worth it, but IMHO users are justified in continuing to ask for the fries.

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You don’t as has been pointed out there are other ways. However,

  1. It is quite handy to have and
  2. People are trying to help so relax a bit

Roon makes playlists, with tracks chosen through its album architecture. So to create a playlist from albums, you display said albums, select them, and add them to a playlist. Easy.

But you want a folder based search and creation process, and Roon doesn’t do folders. So, one needs a tagger like Yate or mp3tag that is set up to deal with folders and easily create a playlist from one.

Roon doesn’t convert files from one format to another, either.


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Are my eyes deceiving me, are you turning into a roon apologist? :sunglasses::smile:
Welcome to the Dark Side.

I appreciate the help as I said earlier.

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No probs Erik. Have you found the knowledge base etc for the basics?

I appreciate the welcome! :star_struck:

Truth be told, I just try to stay balanced. Roon needs work…in many places there is unfulfilled potential or promise. But it is worth that work and worth at least some patience for the Roon team to get it there. So, like many things, it is neither entirely good or entirely bad, and while I will encourage new users to put their preconceived notions aside until they get a chance to see what Roon does well, I will definitely also continue to identify areas I think need work.

That is sort of a hobby all its own…something to do while the music is playing. If Roon built in a decent version of Pac-Man into its interface, I’d probably play that and spend half as much time in the forum :slight_smile: