How Do I Easily Tag A Favorite Tracks?

This seems like a basic function, but it’s lost on me. Trying to tag a track and have it available on a list somewhere later. Would be good to have the option of sending it to a playlist. Is that possible?

Hi Chris,

You can click on the Heart to favourite a track or album. See here.

You could also use Tags.

Cheers, Greg

I heart favourites as I go then if I need a playlist I go to TRACKS and select the Heart next to focus and the random play. Perfect!

Thanks. Still, it’s too clumsy a process. I’d like fewer clicks to add a track directly to a playlist. If I’m listening to classic jazz, I’d want to click and add without going to the tracks and then selecting them, saving to a playlist.

When I think like that I remember going to a shelf finding the CD, remembering I have the CD. Taking the last CD out, putting this CD in and playing the track as I scrabble through the shelves to find the next CD. Lol

Just a fun perspective lol

Hi Chris,

To add it to a playlist, just click or tap the currently playing song and it will show it in the queue. Click the 3 dots menu below the artwork and select Add to a Playlist. Select your playlist and it’s done.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Ahh. Ok Greg. Thank you.