How do I edit Metadata to make better radio selections?

The Start Radio feature is one of my favorite elements of Roon. Usually, it works fairly well but sometimes it’s completely out of whack. For example, I recently added an album with a Roon genre suggestion of Alternative/Indie Rock and Pop/Rock. They’re actually more of a Stoner/Rock and Psych/Rock band so I added those genres to Metadata. When the Radio function started, it selected Iris DeMent, a twangy and very folksy artist from the 90’s and it selected many other folksy artists in my collection as well as world artist. None of which come close to the style of music of the original artist. Nor did it select any other psych rock artist in my collection. The album I started out listening too is Bleeding Magenta by the New Candys. An Italian psych rock band. The album was released in 2017. All I can think of is due to them being Italian, maybe that suggests they’re World?

Anyway. Is there a place in the Edit Album that I can modify to better represent the genre and style of the artist I notice this being a problem with?

Thanks, DD