How do I find albums rated by me?

So I have rated a few albums in my library using the user rating option but now I don’t remember which ones. How do I filter out those albums and give them a listen again?

From the main album page, click:

Focus (top left)
Rating (bottom left)

You will find a drop down and you can filter on the stars you have given.

@Tony_Casey is right regarding how to focus on ratings, but if you were asking how to bring up the albums that you have rated rather than the ones already rated by Roon, I don’t think there’s a way to do this.

I think what roon does is filter for both. So if you select 3 stars and above roon will display both “editorial” 3 stars and above it gets from metadata and your own 3 star and above edits.

To add to this, if you give a lower rating than the one Roon is presenting, this will be taken into account.
So if you have an album that Roon rates with 5 stars, but you only rate 3 stars , then the album will not show if you focus on albums with 4+ rating.

In the past, I misused the ‘heart’ mechanism to indicate that I rated an album. By focussing on the ‘heart’ first, I only got the albums I rated, and then I could focus on the rating.
But I soon quit the whole Rating and Hearting altogether.

I see the logic of that now but I never noticed that in almost 5 years as I simply do not think that way. I also gave up on this as I never noticed it affecting anything I was interested in like radio or discovery.

The user rating option can help users for sorting their albums. I won’t call the function useless. Altho, it appears useless as of now since the users cannot filter all albums rated using the user ratings.

I hope they fix this in 1.8

If I understand @anon90297517 correctly I think that roon would argue that it does filter on user ratings. The problem seems to be the way it filters “zero” star user ratings.

So, for all cases where there is both a roon rating and a user rating, roon will filter using the user rating. However, where there is only a roon rating and no user rating (zero stars), roon will filter on the roon rating. I tend to agree that’s not very consistent, confusing even. But in order to overcome that, there would have to be several switches, e.g. filter on roon rating, user rating, both rating, maybe more.

Unfortunately, there are many other examples in the roon GUI like this, where functionality is sort of half implemented. I hope a few of these are tidied up in 1.8 or better it is time for a more extensive GUI refresh