How do I find my TIDAL playlists in Roon

I use Roon Nucleus Plus (fully updated) and Roon for iOS (latest version) for iPhone.
Also I subscribe to Tidal Hifi Plus.
I have several playlists in Tidal, which are made by Tidal, some other Tidal users, and me.
None of them are made in Roon.
When I open up Roon for iOS and click TIDAL in the menu, I see ‘MY TIDAL COLLECTION’.
I see favorate artists, favorate albums, favorate tracks…
However I do not see favorate playlists.
When I open up TIDAL app, I stiil see my playlists.
BTW I tried logging out & logging in TIDAL service in Roon for iOS app and tried ‘syncing’ menu in TIDAL in services in setting menu in Roon for iOS app.
What should I do?
I’d appreciate any advice. Have a good day.

Look under playlists off the main menu.

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