How do I find network path of Jriver library?

Not sure how to integrate my jriver library to Roon. Can someone please spell out steps? Trying to do this over the network. Jriver media center 20 is installed in another room and trying to send library to macbook air running Roon in another room. Can’t figure out network path when trying to add a folder in Roon

Hey Matt,

Not sure if the MAC version is the same as the windows version. But the first thing you need to do is find out where JRiver says the library is located.

  1. click tools
  2. click Library and folders
  3. click “configure auto-import”
  4. Under folders it should list all the folders that Jriver is watching

For the example, let say that JRiver is watching " c:\users\rugby\music"

With that information, close JRiver and Open Roon.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Storage
  3. Click “Add Folder” under Watched Folders

Under network path (and this is where it may be sketchy between Mac and PC) I would add

\NAMEOFCOMPUTER\users\rugby\music with the NAMEOFCOMPUTER being that computer’s name. Sometimes this won’t work so instead you can also try the IP number of the computer instead of its name.

Additionally, if a username and password and workgroup are needed to connect to that computer then you would add that in the appropriate sections.

Hope this helps.