How do I force an album update?

So my Intel NUC based ROCK is set to watch a directory on a NAS. I copy album directories into the watched directory. It seems to take ages for the albums to appear in Roon on my PC or iPad. Is there a way to tell Roon to refresh the list of available albums from the ROCK?

For example, three hours ago I put two new albums into the NAS directory watched by my ROCK. Roon on my laptop and iPad still don’t show them. But I’m sure the ROCK would have added them to its database by now. Though I don’t know how to check on the ROCK to confirm that. Is there a way?

One way is here:

Use the “Force Rescan”.

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Just a FYI. If I add an album to my folder in my NAS it appears in Roon immediately. I can watch it load up.

Yes Chris, but according to Roon, most NAS devices do a poor job on reporting changes to Roon, thus the need for rescans. I believe that the current version of Roon also attempts an automatic rescan of NAS devices on a periodic basis (every four hours?).

Well that would explain why it takes so long. Thanks mate.

I’m still learning that Roon has all sorts of hidden commands everywhere. There are ways to do stuff, but they just don’t want to make it easy for you to find them. Not sure why they hide them on that page given there is plenty of room to show them.

Might be nice for Roon Labs to add the rescan option onto the home page of the ROCK as well.

That doesn’t really seem like the right place to me for this function, but the Roonies might think otherwise… You might want to raise this as a Feature Request in the Feature Request forum.

Hi, there is a Rescan feature on the homepage of ROCK: just stop Roonserver and restart it. It will immediately begin a full rescan of all your drives.

EDIT: the autorescan interval is also configurable, via the Edit menu I think shown above for each Source.

I think there is more to it than that. When on my two week Roon trial, Roon was running on a WIN 10 laptop. It picked up changes reasonably quickly from my Synology NAS. 3 weeks later however, with it running on a shiny new ROCK, it stopped picking up new item on the NAS. I got into the habit of doing force rescans because of that.

But then the music stops playing.