How do I get iMac and Sony UDA-1 to play together?

Hey Now,

5K iMac > Sony UDA-1 via USB . . . .

Just downloaded Roon and trying to get it to play any song to my new Sony UDA-1 via USB. Roon loaded up my music library and Tidal. Tried to play a song and I get this error message:

TRANSPORT: Playback has failed due to playback parameter negotiation with the audio device.

I have tried the different settings, turned UDA-1 off and on, can’t get any music to play on the internal speakers as well. I can play music via a networked Raspberry Pi2 into a iFI Nano DAC, but only at 44.1 kHz. Won’t play my hi-rez files at the proper sampling rate. Is it because it uses Airplay?

Can I even play my DSD files via the Raspberry Pi2 like I do with JRMC? Thanks in advance.

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