How do I get Roon to see a USB drive plugged into my Aries G1?

I have a 2TB USB drive plugged into the correct port on the back of my Aries G1. Lightning DS can see it just fine. How do I get Roon to see it? I tried using the IP address of the G1 (\192.168.1.X\Music) but Roon can’t find it. Perhaps the syntax is wrong. Can Roon see USB drives plugged into the G1?

Others have done it. Though you are then sending the files from the aries to your core then back to the aries.

It depends if the G1 actually shares the drive over the network or not. Does it say the Aries does this or does it just act as a UPnP server in which case it wouldn’t.

Can’t see anything about it being able to share the USB storage over the network.

I think it does SMB share it (with their “lighting server”), thats how I used to copy music to my Aries before I found Roon. @John_Aiello don’t forget two backslashes at the start of the address, try and mount it (\\192.168.1) in Windows or OSX, then copy/paste the address (with folder) into Roon. Also, check the Lightning Server settings in the LightningDS app.

Exactly why I was asking here.

Great idea. I had not thought of that. I don’t have a Windows machine but it should work equally well with a MAC. I will try that later this evening. Thanks.

@mikeb I figured it out. You don’t need to use SMB but SMB does work so does: \\192.168.1.XX\USB\Music. Roon finds that connection instantly. Your suggestion about trying to mount it in OSX was the piece I was missing. That helped me to gain the knowledge I needed to work it out. What I was missing was USB. Thanks.