How do I get ROON to "stop"?

This is going to be the silliest question EVER posted on this website!! I’m a newbie but what I’ve seen (heard) so far I love! So how do I get ROON to “stop”. I play songs and add some more songs to the music Q. But how do I tell ROON to stop whenever I’m done listening for the night and I want to go to bed. Great that it just keeps randomly playing songs when the Music Q becomes empty. But how do I get it to “stop”.

From a control device click on the two vertical lines to stop the current track from playing. Then, you can shutdown the control app. Before shutting it down, I like to click on the current zone in the lower right corner to make sure nothing is playing to some other zone. If so, you can click on PAUSE ALL ZONES. There is no need to shut down the Roon core device unless you just want to. My Nucleus runs 24/7, 365 days a year.

Pause currently playing track, and go to Queue and select Clear Upcoming.

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You can also hold down pause…it will stop.

Also cmd/ctrl-T


Hi Tim,

To add to what has already been said you can also turn off roon radio which is what is selecting the tracks for you based on your playlist. Roon will then stop when it get to the end of your queue.

Hope that helps.


Open the queue and turn of Radio this will stop choosing new music once your queue has finished