How do I get to a track's folder?

With the last update, they removed the link in the “View File Info” section to a track’s source folder.
It was already kind of a pain, but now even that’s removed.

What’s the easiest way?

Hi @Ben_Kanspedos,

I’m not aware anything has changed here …

From the view album page
Click on the “3 dots” menu against the track.
Select View File Info…
and the following screen will be displayed …

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or from the now playing screen for the track


In your second image, there is no blue “Open file location” link. This is what I am seeing.
I always had that blue link prior to the update. Now it’s gone.

Hi again @Ben_Kanspedos,

The blue “Open File Location” link is only available when the GUI is running on the same machine as the Roon Core, I’m wondering if you’re currently using a Roon Remote to view that page?

Could you describe your setup (Roon Core, Roon Remotes, OS, etc.)

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Oh, yes that is the reason. Core used to be on this machine, but I switched to a Sonic Transporter recently.

But the files are still located on my NAS as before. And I still commonly need to navigate to the folder when on this machine.

So that explains why I no longer see the blue link, but how do I do it now?

That will be it, glad we got to the bottom of it.

Reply to your edit …

You need to connect to the NAS, via the existing network share you would have setup (to put the files on it in the first instance).

Then navigate to the folder, the Roon GUI lets you copy the link but you may have to adapt it for use on the computer you are accessing the NAS from.

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