How do I get to have my Pi3/ HIFIBERRY dac+PRO to show with logo?


I have started using my Raspberry Pi3 / Hifiberry DAC+ PRO with Raspbian light / Roonbridge installed using the hifiberry quick installer, going as a zone.

The setup shows on Roon as a network device and works fine eve for dsd and 24/192.

The question is, how how do I get it to show as a hifiberry device with hifiberry logo and sketch art? as shown here… in another discussion by Geoff_Coupe.

Regards Geoff_Cope.

How do I get my HIFIBERRY DAC+PRO to show up on Roon like this? with logo and line art?

Line art and logo art come with the RoonReady certified image from HifiBerry.

You can get it here:

Thanks I will use it…

Do I write it with Win disk imager?

Is that image with HifiBerry Hat auto identify?

I had searched for that but had not been able to locate it… the image link I found at HIFIBERRY site appears to be corrupted.

Here’s the thread on the RoonReady image at Hifiberry’s forums:

The link I posted above is in there.

I can not ssh login with user: pi and password: raspberry

Is there a different one for this, so I can properly setup the wifi dongle?

I think you’ll need to post your question on the HiFiBerry forum (in the thread that René gave).

I’ve just tried it on my RPi/HiFiBerry Digi+, and indeed, the standard “pi/raspberry” login gives access denied.

Daniel of HiFiBerry keeps claiming that no-one needs to login to the Roon Ready image, but, on the other hand, how else are we supposed to edit the config file wpa_supplicant.conf?

Thus I am correct …

Roon should address this with Hifiberry…

Nope - I suggest you raise it directly with HiFiBerry if you require WLAN operation. The Roon Ready image works perfectly, and is certified as such, with wired connections.

I dont see why Roon should not address it?

Its a device to use with Roon, for which users pay a license to use and is described as being wifi useable.

Ah, s*d it, I’ll ask the question myself. You could always use the Roon Bridge software from Roon directly if you want. That works with WLAN connections. Of course, then you’ll lose the pretty line art. and I suppose that’s what you want…

Well … I get what you say, but, I want it all… great sound, convenience and the pretty line art… why not.

I’ve asked the question for you in the HiFiBerry forum.

Thanks I will keep my eyes open there too.

And the answer is: edit the config file using a PC, then plug the SD card into the RPi…

Sounds good. Thanks.

Maybe this should go in the tutorial for the Pi.

I am sure that it will come up again.

We are talking about the Roon Ready image, which is under the control of HiFiBerry and they are responsible for it - so the instructions and any tutorial material should be over at the HiFiBerry site.

I’ll point this out to them.

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