How do I go back to 1.8 if one of my devices does not support 2.0?

I use Roon server from a Linux server. As remote, I use an old Macbook Air.
One night, the server has been updated to 2.0. But the remote can’t, because of an old Mac OS.
HOW IS IT POSSIBLE to proceed to such major updates without clearly informing users about the requirements and possible impacts ?
What do I do ? Rolling back to Roon Legacy, which is a nightmare on Linux ? Buying a new Macbook to please Roon ?
This update has been and still is an “Adobe-like” kidnapping, a real shame.
As a stupid “lifetime” client, all I can say is that I deeply regret my choice, and I do not consider Roon anymore as a fair company.

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You should go to Roon - Settings - About and turn off all automatic updates. That won’t solve your current issue, but might in the future.

All Roon devices must be on the same version. Now, that can be Roon 1.8 Legacy or Roon 2.0. It’s your decision which way to go.

Suppose they had done so. How would that have improved your current situation? It would seem that your options would remain the same.

If you move your devices to 1.8 (Legacy) the system will not update itself to Roon 2.0. Perhaps you could say more about your statement that “Roon Legacy, [which] is a nightmare on Linux”? This should not be the case.

Look at the mac opencore legacy patcher…

Dears, thank you for the discussion. I’m an audiophile, not a geek. I don’t have any problem to understand that improving a software is a desirable and valuable approach. And also do understand that a 2.0 server should be controlled by a 2.0 remote. My point here is that such an update, in my very standard situation (do I have to use a M1 Mac to act as a remote control ?) has broken the system which now unusable, and that there is not other way to roll back than uninstalling my 2.0 Linux server and reinstalling the 1.8 which is indeed a pain in the ass. This is the reason why I do consider Roon as very unfair. When such an OS-related update occurs with many software products, the update DOESN’T occur if the OS is not capable. Here, since Roon is based on at least two devices (server and remote) it seems obvious to me that customers should at the very least be informed about the update possible side-effects. Am I the only one to consider this ?

All my devices were in 1.8. Unfortunately, I didn’t switched the automatic server update off. Usually, updates were rather positive, and there were no reason to impeach these updates. Until now.

I hate to break it to you, but if you’re an audiophile, you’re also a geek. Audiophilia is a sub-category of geekiness, I think.

Ah, but at least there is a way to do it.

All these apple freaks want the latest iPhone and iPad. Why not buy an old cheap iPad/iPhone that supports 2.0 from one of these freaks on internet markets?

This guide will help you return to 1.8 Legacy:

Once you are no longer limited by the unsupported device, you can use the same guide to upgrade to 2.0. You will not be bothered to upgrade to 2.0 once you run 1.8 Legacy.

Note that your current unsupported device will alow need to be upgraded to 1.8 Legacy, as that version differs from “1.8 stable”.

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