How do I import library from another account

Core Machine (Mac OSX 10.14.5 / Roon 1.6)

I demoed Roon using one user (email address) account but purchased my lifetime subscription using another account.

Can I import the library I built using the demo into the new account? I added a bunch of stuff (from tidal) in my library and created some tags but it seems that these aren’t seen in the new account.

I have a time machine backup I could use if necessary.
Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

You can create a backup (under settings/backups) from the demo account and restore the same backup (also under settings/backup) from the new account. Then update the pointers to the folders where your music files are (backup does not copy/restore the actual music, just the roon db) – you do this from settings/storage. Should be good to go then…

Thank you, is there any way to do the same without access to the demo account? I canceled the demo account to avoid getting charged.

Unless you had configured the demo account to do backups so you already have them and could then just access them from the new account, no, I don’t believe there is any way without access to the demo account. That is unless roon support has some magic for you…

You can’t restore a Roon library backup from one account to a different account.

Time Machine backups of Roon libraries are not reliable.

Alright thanks guys, it’s not a big deal, I can easily rebuild it by hand I didn’t put that much work into the demo account and I remember what I did so it should be ok.

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