How do I import tags from Macbook Pro to iPad

I’ve tagged hundreds and hundreds of songs in Roon on my MBP into genre lists. Now I have a Node2 and need to move the tag categories over to the BlueOS running Roon. Apparently they don’t automatically port over on the Roon BlueOS app?

Node2 is an endooint you don’t move your library curation to it. Everything you did on your Roon core is available to all your Roon remotes and endpoints.

Moving away from Roon is a start over process.

You might try Roon’s export process. It doesn’t export all tags and info displayed in Roon though. Not sure about tags.

Dr Tone is right - if that is just another endpoint, the tags will just stay on the core and you’ll play from the core to the Mode2.

Are you by chance related to Kate TerHorst of Operation Market Garden fame?

Ahh good info, thanks.

I have been using Roon on my MacBook Pro to stream my tunes – about 650gb stored on an external SSD drive – to an MQA DAC via USB cable. But this config sucks down the MBP battery rapidly, which means being constantly tethered to the charger every few hours, and I must have the SSD attached all the time, too. I move around a lot in the home office, so all these wires (USB-to-DAC, charger cord, SSD tether) is a major hassle.

So I bought the Node2 (used) so that I could listen to music without being tied to the MBP. I copied all my tunes to my Apple Time Capsule and the Node2 reads them just fine. I use an iPad 2 as the remote.

I really like the convenience of this setup but did not realize until now that the Bluesound OS and Roon are two different music interfaces. If I had a later iPad model, I could use the Roon app to connect to the Node2 as an endpoint, but then I have another problem: Roon does not readily access tunes stored on a Time Capsule (and Roon’s tech guy was not optimistic because Apple has discontinued TC support, suggested I buy an NAS.)

So this “solution” would require I buy a newer iPad and an NAS, more money I don’t have at the moment.

On the upside, I suppose I should just get accustomed to the Bluesound OS and discontinue Roon, which would save the price of a subscription. I really like the Roon interface, and as noted at the top of this thread, I put a lot of time into the creation of genre tags for my library. Oh well.

Choice, choices…

RE: family name – When “A Bridge Too Far” came out in the '70s, we were all excited to see our family name in the movies, but there’s no direct relation to Kate ter Horst that I know of. In the Netherlands, ter Horst is not an uncommon name. Families that emigrated to the U.S. and Canada often changed the name to collapse it into one word, such as Terhorst, TerHorst, or terHorst.

Ah, I see. It’s funny that the name was stuck in my head from the book and the movie and that is where my mind when as soon as I saw your post. I thought it might be a common name, but I always ask when I recognize a last name relative to a historical figure - you never know!

Liv Ullmann… I wanted to be related to her :slight_smile: